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Charles Phillips, Infor, and how enterprise software is humanity’s remote control
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Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor, one of the fastest-growing global developers of enterprise software, has a habit of stating things simply. Little surprise that the company Phillips heads does the same: ramming business complexity into single and cohesive database systems that guide the slew of information that need to be processed in any enterprise.

It may seem that humanity’s mass consumption of goods and services for survival has made it an unwitting dependent on computing intelligence. This is actually true, but not in the hard-wired, eerie manner of insurgent machines wiping out humanity. In reality, equally important as robotics and artificial intelligence these days for the mass production of goods and services is the information that will be used in production.

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Charles Phillips’ company, Infor, seems to have the unenviable task of organizing millions of ideas in the heads of different geniuses --- financial, engineering, aeronautic, management, etc. By providing enterprise software to companies that engage with billions of consumers every day, Infor becomes the channel that separates real business vision and execution from chaos theory. The difference is that big.

Which is why the company must not be begrudged its round-figured boasts --- its packages of enterprise software have assisted and systematized a variety of industries. In real terms, it has helped produce 95 billion bottles of beer, assisted billions of airline passengers, and managed the payroll of millions of employees.

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