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Charles Phillips: Planning your way to the top
Infor CEO Charles Phillips would consider workforce planning an all-encompassing blueprint for sustained success. A great companion to workforce planning is the Infor10 WFM Workforce Planning [Workbrain], a multifunctional ERP solution that automates and standardizes labor planning to achieve a delicate balance between long-term labor strategy and short-term workforce deployment. Infor10 WFM Workforce Planning [Workbrain], helps organizations weave a definite planning process that aligns success drivers such as people, skills, budget, and goals, in order to meet their service and profit goals.

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Business leaders can act with confidence when they know where the organization is going. Thus, closing the gap between long-term workforce strategy and short-term workforce deployment can make a difference in the leaders’ ability to execute a business strategy. A business leader himself, Charles Phillips would know that a sure-fire way to succeed on this pursuit is to organize and make the labor management as economically flexible as possible, and the Infor10 WFM Workforce Planning [Workbrain] does just that and more. The software is designed to synchronize labor processes by:

• Optimizing labor allocation;
• Reducing budget cycle times;
• Determining the type of operation suited for corporate goals; and
• Decreasing customizations with the software’s built-in expertise.

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Organizations with over 100,000 employees prefer to use the Infor10 WFM [Workbrain], an ERP solution concentrating on improving operations and workforce management. The software runs the Java 2 Enterprise Edition and features integrated modules which help organizations meet complex workforce requirements.

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Formerly of Oracle Corp, Charles Phillips currently heads Infor, the world’s third largest supplier of ERP products and services. Learn more at


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