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At the forefront of industry specialization
There is no blanket formula for customer relationship management. All companies’ markets differ, and as such, the way to maintain relationships with them must be tailored. In addition to being customized, CRM strategies must also be flexible, modifiable according to unforeseen changes in the industry or consumer perception. With such high demands, a company’s CRM provider must be versed and creative enough to keep up.

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One story regarding flexible CRM is ERP ingénue Infor’s reliance on an “interaction hub,” which allows client companies to select or combine solutions. Providing a comparative bird’s eye view of the CRM campaign, the hub allows clients to maintain streamlined strategy implementation across all channels and implement quick, real-time changes when necessary. The service also features an integrated resource management, marketing, sales, and customer engagement service to help clients maximize profitability.

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With Infor’s CRM system, CEO Charles Phillips and team enable companies to plan, test, and execute their CRM strategies in half the time it takes the average vendor. Demonstrating industry expertise, Infor’s CRM can be specialized by sector: clients in hospitality can personalize guest communications, retail stores can keep tabs on emerging trends among their market, telecom companies can obtain customer feedback to help retention and sales, and manufacturing companies can automate entire processes like tracking orders and marketing programs.

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Customer Relationship Management is vital in building and maintaining company-to-consumer relationships. Infor customizes enterprise software for client communication needs. Headed by Charles Phillips, the company holds one of the largest shares of the enterprise software sector. Read more about its capabilities on this website.


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